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Degrassi's Best Role Playing's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Degrassi's Best Role Playing

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March 8th, 2006 at 9:17pm]

Hey guys. I <3 this RP so much...But it's unactive. I know I don't help 'cause I've been unactive too. But, I'm going to be leaving with all 3 characters. I RP in other communities with pretty much all of you, so I'll see you around. ;)

If you wanna add my personal LJ go for it, 3dbasketcase. just let me know.

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MOD UPDATE [Thursday
February 23rd, 2006 at 2:46pm]

ok soo hey everyone!!

i hope everyone is good seeing as i haven't talked to most of you guys in a while.

um..so i kinda am bringing bad news.. and i need your help and opinion

i want to keep this rp open..but it's pretty much dead. sooo here are some choices

1. i completely shut it down and direct you over to deg_lies_rp

2. we restart..like all storylines and start from a clean slate and get tons of people to join

3. we stay open and just try and get people to join?

lemme know, whatcha think would be best because i would hate to see this community die down

love you all

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(4) Promote [Wednesday
December 7th, 2005 at 7:14am]

Please place one of the following in your user info.

You can also use one to promote to people you know that may want to join the role play.

ButtonsCollapse )

BannersCollapse )

Your MOD
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(3) Affiliate [Wednesday
December 7th, 2005 at 6:38am]

If you would like to be affiliate with this community please leave a comment with your community and or journal here.

Please only Degrassi (preferably role play) related communities/journals.

Your MOD
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(2) Characters [Wednesday
December 7th, 2005 at 6:30am]

[ mood | cold ]

Paige Michalchuk- its_paige_hun
AIM: beautifulblnde

Darcy Edwards- dior_darcy
AIM: adore me darcy

Sean Cameron - obscene_remarks
AIM: obscenenotscene

Emma Nelson - crackedpipes
AIM: brokensmileemma

Alex Nunex- alex_da_freak
AIM: lexxi da great 1

Spinner Mason- omgz_its_spin

Ellie Nash- not_ur_star_el
AIM: urfallenstarx3

Manny Santos- justatadbroken
AIM: Hey Blue Bird

Craig Manning- rockstarmanning
AIM: rockstarxmanning

Heather Sinclaire- _heatherxlove
AIM: Sizzle x Heather

Liberty Van Zandt- libby_vz
AIM: Libby VZ

Ashley Kerwin- coeur_de_cendre
AIM: Emoband aidheart

Mischa Campson: umhellomischa
AIM: umm hello mischa

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(1) Application [Wednesday
December 7th, 2005 at 5:34am]

[ mood | creative ]

This is the post you should comment with your application if you would like to join the community.

This is going to be a strict community on who joins, because we would like people who are going to update and stay active. If you just want to join to see what it's like and don't really care to much about it this probably isn't the community for you.

The biggest thing is that this community is about having fun and playing characters we all know and love.
If the character you would like to be is not open apply anyways, because that character may be on the verge of being cut and you just don't know, so apply anyways.

Any posts in the community that aren't friends only will be deleted without a warning, so please make sure you make them ALL locked.

Thank you and happy rping!

Your MOD

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